We offer professional supply chain management, execution, and operations services. Our scalable team of professionals has varied backgrounds and is accustomed to delivering to the highest standards that you and your team deserve. We live and work where your suppliers are everyday.

We never get between you and your suppliers—our goals are to be transparent and to help you and your suppliers have outstanding relationships while making sure you get the product you want when and where you want it. You and your team will continue to maintain direct relationships with all of your suppliers. We are paid only by our customers—no one else.

The following are some of the ways we can help you extend your team’s reach.

Supply Chain Design & Management

Supply Chain Design is often overlooked as teams fall into a default supply chain without taking the time to plan out what suppliers and what arrangements with suppliers are needed. We will carefully review your product design, and also your product roadmap, your sales forecast, fulfillment model, as well as your cost and quality needs and come up with a recommendation of the types of suppliers that you need and how to find them. Of course, once you’re up and running in mass production, someone needs to be interacting on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to make sure everything stays on track, and we’ll do this for you with our professionals in country and onsite if necessary. Hopefully, you’ll also be figuring out how to scale up production quickly, and with our help this process can move quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Good quality does not happen by accident. It takes careful planning and preparation through Quality Assurance, and then appropriate monitoring through Quality Control. We have decades of Quality management experience in electronics and related industries. While no one can guarantee 100% perfect quality, we will help you make sure your product is delivered in a reliable and sustainable way with minimal surprises. More importantly, when something does go wrong, we’re there to react quickly and get to the best resolution for you.

Program Management

Products with more than a few parts are complex. We are used to working with BOMs with hundreds of parts, and the many suppliers that this implies. Ramping up a product to mass production takes a lot of detailed planning. Program managers excel at planning your product ramp up or product changes, reacting quickly to changes and keeping you and your team regularly updated. Program management will ensure that you know what the plan is and where your product is in that plan at any time, and that you know your program is in good hands at all times—even when you’re sleeping.

Test Engineering

For a custom product, no matter how good your supplier is, you and your team are responsible for figuring out how to test it. We can help! We have years of experience defining and refining specifications and test requirements, and then designing systems to execute these tests and record the data in a manufacturing environment. Our test engineering services also often includes device programming and product programming and calibration as well.

Manufacturing Engineering

For some products with new technologies or specifications that are pushing the limits, manufacturing engineering can sometimes be a huge boost to getting your product out on time and with reasonably good yields. Once in mass production, a manufacturing engineer can help look for process improvements that can help reduce your cost and your supplier’s cost.

Procurement Management

We’ll help you figure out your buying plan and cash requirements and keep it updated. We’ll also have regular meetings to review your forecast and maintain updates.